Urbanization a boon or bane

Rising incomes, increased asset ownership, infrastructure investments and further industrialisation will benefit non-life insurance.

Urbanization a boon or bane

In the s, there were thirteen cities that has populations exceeding 1 million. Other than Tokyo, all the other cities were in Europe and North America, which are mostly the western countries. As we can see, majority of the top ten most populous cities are in Asia, and not in Europe or North America.

Majority of the movement is from rural areas to urban areas. Cities are portrayed to be full of better economic activities and people from less developed parts of the country would want to migrate there as the wealth of the country is centralised there.

It would be a good opporunity for them if they are able to find a job there. Furthermore, cities have better facilities and amenities that they do not have in the rural areas. Is urbanization a boon or bane then? I feel that urbanization is a bane for many cities socially.

Urbanization would inevitably increase the number of people coming into the country, be it from the rural areas or the other urban areas.

This would result in overcrowding of the city area and there is a constant flow of people into the cities, but there is only so much space a city has. The city would not be able to provide enough job opportunities and even housing or basic sanitation for the people.

This would mean that many who come to the cities in hopes to seek better employment or job opportunities would be left jobless and homeless. One example I can give is Mumbai, India.


Mumbai is one of the megacities. Thats about close to 8 million people living in slums. Almost everywhere with a spare piece of land in Mumbai is turned into slums, and it has become unsightly as the slums are just beside train tracks and highways and even sidewalks.

These rural migrants are lowly skilled and are most likely not able to find jobs that pay alot. Thus, they would be trapped in this viscious cycle or poverty and they would not be able to higher their standards of living unless they are able to improve their skills or educational attainment.

Slum conditions are poor and the residents there do not even have basic amenities such as clean water, sanitation and lighting, thus the residents have poor quality of life.

The city has to deal with this pressing problem as the number of slums would increase and the overall quality of life of the city would drastically drop if they do not take action. The slum areas are also breeding ground for diseases such as tubercolosis. The city should first provide the slum residents with the basic amenities to ensure that their health is taken care of and they have a close to decent standard of living.Swiss Re's latest sigma study Urbanisation in emerging markets: boon and bane for insurers reviews the rapid growth of towns and cities in emerging markets.

It also addresses the opportunities and challenges that urbanisation presents with respect to risk management for insurers and governments alike. Peri Urbanization is the next big step in India’s story further reinforced by factors such as private investments and capitals. It is very easy to spot Peri urban areas by through their features and operation, than to look at fixed geographical areas.

Urbanization is a process whereby populations move from rural to urban area.

Urbanization a boon or bane

World’s urban population increased fourfold during while rural population increased less than double. Urbanisation Boon Or Bane Technology: Boon or BaneIt’s already fifteen years since the advent of the 21st century has started.

New inventions had been developed. Amazing breakthroughs were done. Urbanization could be a boon or a bane? I personally agree that urbanization has a lot to do with the creation of jobs as well as the boost to the economy and households.

The bane would not be urbanization because it has to do with clearing ground for growth and ignoring the damage to our environment, wild life, as well as natural canvas. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Urbanization A Boon Or Bane.

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