Nursing and f a davis

Living-Learning Communities Welcome new Aggie! What is a Living-Learning Community? Living-Learning Communities LLCs are special interest, themed communities within the residence halls. LLCs are more than a place to live—they provide students the opportunity to live in the same hall or on the same floor with folks who have similar interests, creating an educational community that supports its residents.

Nursing and f a davis

Joan Graham - In this situation, a student would do the following: Apply for internal transfer following the requirements listed above. Candidate would be ranked with all other internal transfer requests. A written request is submitted to the Nursing Director at the college where the student is currently enrolled.

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Written requests are due by January 2nd for spring semester, by July 1st for fall semester and by May 1st for the summer semester Northwestern CT only. Transfer will occur prior to the start of a semester; mid-semester transfers will not be considered.

Transfer requests are evaluated by the Nursing Directors at the transferring and receiving colleges. Acceptance for transfer to another college within the CT-CCNP is based on availability of openings and faculty and clinical resources.

In the event there are more transfer applicants than available openings at a specific college a ranking system will be applied. Students may only transfer one time during the four semester nursing program. Application Download pdf External Transfer Nursing Students An external transfer nursing student is defined as a student who has successfully completed one or more nursing courses within the last 18 months at a program outside of the Connecticut Community College system, and wishes to transfer in these courses for advanced placement.

Nursing and f a davis

Students who wish to transfer nursing courses with a clinical component from another college or university will be considered for transfer after the following requirements have been met: Applicants must meet all nursing program admission requirements.

Completed applications are due by July 3rd for fall semester requests, January 2nd for spring semester requests and May 1st for summer semester requests Northwestern CT only. A written request for evaluation of nursing course work and nursing course descriptions must be submitted to the Admissions Office at the college of choice along with the CT-CCNP application.

Requests will be forwarded to the Nursing Director at the college of choice. Written requests are due by July 3rd for fall semester requests, January 2nd for spring semester requests and May 1st for summer semester requests Northwestern CT only.

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External transfer candidates must have a minimum 3. The Nursing GPA is based only on the college courses with grades that meet the nursing admission and nursing program curriculum requirements. External transfers will be considered on a space-available basis.

Applications for external transfer applicants are available at the colleges or can be downloaded from the website. No more than thirty credit hours of non-traditional credit may count towards the nursing degree.

Transfer Credits Transfer credit evaluation for nursing applicants is done by the College of Choice. Nursing Courses Nursing credits from another college or university will be considered for transfer after a written request for evaluation of nursing course work has been received by the Nursing Director at the College of Choice.

Once an applicant earns credit at the College of Choice, transfer credit for the same course from another college will not be granted. Contact the College of Choice for additional information. Transfer Grades Grades from colleges not regionally accredited will not be accepted in transfer.

A minimum grade of "C" is required unless otherwise noted by the admission requirements.Please rate your experience on DavisPlus from 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely unsatisfied with your experience and 10 being extremely satisfied with your experience.

Nursing. From LPN/LVN, ADN, and RN through BSN to MSN and DNP, you can turn to us for all of the content and learning resources nursing students need to pass their certification exams and the tools and materials instructors need to ensure they do.

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