High school football

But when Orton, who has cerebral palsy, was yelled at by coaches and berated by another kid, he left his first practice in tears. When several Findlay High School football players heard about his story they came to visit Orton at school and invited him to join them on the sidelines for every home game this season. Taylan Orton has loved football as long as he could remember, so he was understandably excited to sign up for his first ever youth football league. But the eight-year-old Ohio boy, who has cerebral palsy, was left in floods of tears in the middle of his first practice after he was yelled at by coaches and berated by another kid.

High school football

Whether we are watching the NFL, a college, or a high school team, we can't get enough. Among all the anticipation and excitement surrounding each kickoff, we should also be aware of the risks involved for the athletes High school football play this highly physical sport.

When it comes to high school football, concussions are the most common injury.

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Concussions can have long-term consequences, some of which might be hidden. What exactly is a concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury often caused by a direct blow to the head. Your brain is surrounded by fluid that acts as a protective divider from your skull.

When you experience a forceful injury to your head, the brain can shake or twist inside your skull.

High school football

This can result in your brain striking your skull and damaging your soft brain tissue. It used to be believed that a concussion only occurs when a person loses consciousness.

Now it's been proven that a person can experience a concussion without passing out.

High school football

This is an alarming fact. An athlete could be suffering from a concussion without even realizing and continue to participate in the game, causing more damage. They might also have a difficult time remembering new information.

Some physical symptoms might include vomiting, blurry vision, and trouble maintaining balance. What are the numbers?

If you look at the data, the rate at which student athletes are suffering concussions is truly staggering. There are over 1. The rate of concussions in high school football is 2. Concussions can be particularly hazardous to high school and youth football players because the frontal lobe of the brain is still developing.

Any damage to a young brain can result in severe developmental issues. An adult can recover from a concussion after about a week, while it can take several weeks for a high school athlete to recover. Can there be any long—term effects?

Although it may seem like concussions are temporary injuries, they can have long-lasting consequences. The long term effects increase exponentially when an athlete experiences repeat injuries. One-third of all high school athletes who have a concussion will report two or more within the same season.

Even when symptoms of a concussion have passed, there can still be some underlying conditions. Doctors have reported abnormal brain wave activity along with the wasting away of the motor pathways. These combined can create problems with attention and concentration years later. Studies have also shown that athletes who have suffered a concussion can see effects even decades later.

Is a concussion going to affect my hearing?

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Concussions can be a factor for an athlete's hearing health as well. Following the trauma, there is often damage to the inner and outer ear. It may be a ruptured eardrum or damage to the fine hair cells in the inner ear.LIVE UPDATES: High school football games from around DFW and the rest of Texas!

The high school football season is getting close to the playoffs with a great slate of games this evening.

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High School Football: Get Rankings, Recruiting Info, Schedules and Scores, Stat Leaders, news updates, videos, photos, and more. The statistic shows the number of participants (male/female) in high school football in the United States from /10 to / In the /18 season, about million boys participated in a.

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