An analysis of successful and unsuccessful packages

These factors could be used to develop guidelines to increase success for an organization implementing telecommuting. The literature review indicated that an organization is less likely to successfully implement a telecommuting program if the organization or employee cannot deal with the social issues of telecommuting.

An analysis of successful and unsuccessful packages

That is because most defenses fear the pass in that area of the field. However, even in 11 personnel, as we will discuss, running the football results in a double digit increase to success rate. Running the ball is more efficient in the red zone, whether in short yardage or not.

An analysis of successful and unsuccessful packages

As I wrote in my Football Preview. Yet regardless of the distance, RB runs in the red zone are successful far more often than any passes to all positions.

And even from these 11 personnel groupings, simply running the football instead of passing it would lead to much more success. Particularly when edging closer to the end zone. Now allow us to compare rushing vs receiving from a variety of personnel groupings inside the red zone.


As we can see, the efficiency edge for rushing the ball in this area of the field is not solely limited to 11 personnel. Play success in general increases as the ball gets closer to the end zone, because fewer yards are needed to qualify for a play to be successful.

On the 20, on first and 10 the play needs to generate at least 4 yards to qualify as successful. On first and goal from the 5, that play needs to generate only 2 yards to qualify as successful. As the next graphic shows, indeed rushing is more efficient regardless of the formation. A key takeaway from this graphic is the counterintuitive nature of wide receivers for passing in this area of the field.

All passes are more successful from the red zone with fewer wide receivers on the field.

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But the reality is that such formations tend to be mistakes. Passing out of 1 WR formations typically means 22 or 13 personnel. Just because passing is more efficient than rushing over most of the field, that does not mean it continues to be so inside the red zone. Rushing out of any formation is more efficient than passing, but balance is key.

Aligning in a formation which allows a team to pass or run, and will enable them to stay on schedule is a big edge.


If deciding to pass, particularly near the end zone, personnel groupings with fewer WRs and more TEs deliver substantially more efficient results. And this makes perfect sense. How successful is this? Particularly because it gives zero threat to pass on 3rd or 4th down.

But these runs were much more successful than the passes: What has this shown us regarding jumbo formations? A few key takeaways: In part this formation is successful because it delivers enough illusion for a pass. However, passes are also extremely successful from 12 or 21 personnel.The unsuccessful wrestling coaches were emotionally less stable and more easily upset than the successful group.

The successful wrestling coaches were shy, diffident, and more careful of detail than the unsuccessful group. No statistically significant differences existed between successful and unsuccessful football coaches.

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Project Management Practices: The Criteria for Success or Failure Communications of the IBIMA Volume 1, 5. Causes of project failure. Successful Health Information Technology Implementation Requires Practice and Health Care System Transformation.

The article by Crosson et al provides us with lessons learned from the successful implementation of electronic prescribing a qualitative analysis of the experiences of practices in the National Demonstration Project.

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